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Founded in 1990, The Senior Network, Inc. (TSN) is a marketing communications company that provides Access to and Expertise in the mature consumer market. TSN develops and executes integrated marketing programs that reach the increasingly important mature population. TSN provides marketers with strategic marketing and consulting services based on an in-depth understanding of the unique needs and characteristics of mature consumers. The Company has been developing and executing a variety of interactive promotion and media properties, all of which focus on the 50-plus audience through the Access Group of TSN.

Prime Access goals of TSN is to reach mature consumers:
where they live
where they shop
where they go for healthcare
where they socialize

Demand from clients for marketing services capabilities focusing exclusively on the mature consumer audience developed a separate Expertise Group allowing clients to leverage the broad array of capabilities provided by TSN.

TSN offers a range of "Access channels" that reach mature consumers including targeted place-based advertising, in-home sampling, health education seminars and marketing events as well as co-sponsored programs with retailers and healthcare organizations. These programs are national in scope and are executed on a turn-key basis.

TSN has created a network of 7,000 Senior Activity Centers where mature consumers go for education, recreation and entertainment. This proprietary Access channel allows TSN to develop and execute integrated marketing programs that target the mature consumer, including advertising, promotion, event marketing and health education programming.

TSN publishes a monthly "wall magazine," The Senior Network Report, which is displayed in high traffic locations in 2,500 Senior Activity Centers nationwide. Each month the eye-catching, 4-color Report features original articles of particular interest to mature consumers. The Report carries a maximum of three advertisers per month. Presently, The Report delivers over 20,475,000 gross monthly impressions. Each month, there are more than 3.75 million unduplicated readers exposed to the advertising message. The wall magazine can also be utilized as a vehicle for the distribution of "take-one" materials, literature and coupons for branded promotional support at the point of advertising.

Each year, TSN develops and executes Health Seminars on a variety of topics among which are cholesterol, osteoporosis, stroke, and arthritis. The programs are designed to bring at-risk mature adults together in an interactive forum and to facilitate the Doctor/Patient relationship. TSN executes all phases of program management including site selection, scheduling, event execution, and publicity. TSN also provides market research to measure effectiveness and response (disease profiles, prescription rates, etc). Examples include:

- Merck Cholesterol Seminars and Lipid Screens
- Novartis Osteoporosis Seminars
- Hoechst Marion Roussel Heart Seminars
- J&J Sleep Seminars

TSN routinely conducts event marketing and sampling programs in Senior Activity Centers. The company designs and coordinates interactive programming that provides direct consumer contact and maximum impact at the "grassroots" level. These programs are tailored to meet the specific marketing needs and objectives of the participating advertiser and can be executed in a variety of formats.

Examples of some of our most successful promotional events include:
- Nabisco's - Knox NutraJoint Walking Club
- Procter and Gamble's - Importance of Good Digestive Health Program
- Polaroid's - Instant Photography Seminars
- American Home Products' - Advil National Sampling
- Nabisco EggBeaters and Fleischmann's - Live Product Sampling
- Campbell's - "Soup of the Month" Program

TSN has leveraged relationships with important aging organizations, health organizations, non-profit groups, and leading retailers to create innovative corporate sponsorships and marketing programs. TSN has executed programs with The American Diabetes Association and CVS Pharmacies among others. These relationships provide innovative approaches to marketing that benefit both the mature community and the participating corporate sponsors.

Smart Values is a co-op, couponing, sampling and literature distribution program that hand- delivers product-sponsored envelopes with coupons, samples and product information to 4 million consumers through a network of 7,000 facilities.

has formed a partnership with Cox Direct to deliver the Carol Wright Direct Mail program to mature consumers. As the leading direct response company, Cox Direct offers unmatched capabilities in the production, fulfillment and delivery of co-op and solo mail programs. Its database of mature consumers is unequaled in the industry with a reach of 8 million households three times per year.

There are over 100 Senior Expos held annually across the United States. TSN represents clients at the largest of these events. Through this program marketers have direct access to hundreds of thousands of information-seeking mature consumers with a quality, personalized message on behalf of their product or service.

The Expo program offers participants an efficient, impactful vehicle for delivering information, coupons, samples and relevant literature. On average, attendance at the Expo events included as part of TSN's national Expo group ranges from 15,000 to 20,000 mature adults per event. TSN will plan, develop, and execute all elements of Expo participation to create a program that is truly turn-key for participating sponsors. This includes coordination of all events and activities, including booth set up and staffing.

provides strategic consulting services in marketing and marketing communications as well as the resources of a full-service advertising/promotion agency. Our mission is to translate in-depth mature consumer insights into marketing ideas that build business for our clients.

Our staff of seasoned marketing professionals develops ideas for new and existing products and services from the earliest stages of concept development through to execution of innovative marketing plans targeted to mature consumers. The range of services include the following:

With extensive consumer marketing expertise and a wealth of experience in the mature market, TSN helps clients identify ways to leverage mature consumer insights into business-building opportunities based on competitive marketplace advantage.

TSN is in daily contact with gerontologists, sociologists, aging experts, and leading aging organizations, as well as mature consumers. This "immersion" in the market provides valuable insight into the unique needs and attitudes of this consumer group. We assist clients in the design and implementation of qualitative and quantitative consumer research. Our direct access to mature consumers through TSN's network of Senior Activity Centers provides a fast, efficient means of recruiting research participants. On average, our research staff conducts 6 focus groups per week among mature consumers, either for company learning or on behalf of clients. TSN also regularly conducts quantitative research.

has developed a proprietary marketing approach based on consumer dynamics unique to the Mature market.

Validate and quantify the opportunity that the mature market represents for your brand or business.

Leverage the unique insights and consumer needs of the mature market into effective positioning and communication strategy.

Develop a tactical plan that identifies the marketing vehicles that reach the target segment most efficiently as well as the programs that effectively motivate the mature consumer.

The division's staff of marketing communications professionals develop and execute integrated marketing communications programs encompassing all elements of advertising and promotion. The group manages all aspects of a client campaign: advertising/promotion, strategy development, creative execution (TV commercials and print ads) and production in all media, as well as media planning and placement.

TSN also offers a field marketing force for executing grassroots marketing programs on a local basis. These local representatives assist clients in the design and implementation of exciting, interactive promotional events and activities that provide one-on-one contact with mature consumers for maximum impact and consumer involvement.

TSN has developed a menu of over a dozen turnkey Membership Retention programs to be co-sponsored by a pharmaceutical company and a Managed Care Organization. Every program is turnkey and can be customized to the needs and objectives of the sponsor. The goal of each is to educate mature Americans about the signs and prevention of those diseases and illnesses for which they are the most at risk.

At the core of TSN's approach to member retention is our proprietary Surround Sound strategy of reaching and motivating mature consumers. Surround Sound utilizes multiple access channels to reinforce client marketing objectives - allowing mature consumers to process information through repetition and reinforcement in order to achieve a heightened comfort level with the purchase decision.

Given the range of products and services offered, TSN is the preeminent provider of Access to and Expertise in the mature consumer market. TSN provides clients with effective marketing programs that reach the audience efficiently and with the impact to drive business. The Company has provided mature market access and/or expertise to many of the nation's leading advertisers (see attached listing). Although the majority of TSN's work has been within the nation's borders, the Company has recently developed European capabilities and provided international services to its client base.

The demographic trend of an "aging population" has begun to impact most every business sector. Both the continued growth of its Access Channels and the on-going real-market experience of the Expertise Group uniquely position TSN as the resource for capitalizing on the marketing community's growing need to target the mature consumer.

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